Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday, Day 7 - Enchanted

Today was a rainy day. We did what we could to avoid it and, though we started in it, it had subsided quite a bit by the time we got out there and it ended not too long into the ride. We drove approximately 1 hour north to be alongside this river: 

The rain muted everything and gave it a different dimension.

Bridge ran over the river. Rob got some good shots from the center of the bridge. Might find them on his blog. And if you haven't checked out his photos lately, he's added quite a few great shots:

The forested areas were different from those we've ridden through. There was a great variety of plant-life, likely the most varied of any we've seen.

 Sunset over the the fog floating around!

Having fun!

Some of the forest that we rode through, possibly because of the rain dripping from the leaves to the ground, really felt like an enchanted forest. There's no way to capture the feeling of expecting to see the kinds of glowing and magical creatures you'd find in an enchanted world, but know that's exactly how it was.

The ride was a mix of road and great trail, 4+ hours, another perfect day!

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  1. Sorry to hear that your trip is over. It was fun watching you and Rob have fun on what I'd consider a great adventure. Thanks.